Database Marketing


  • Import your contacts from another program

    How to import your contacts into your database marketing on your website.

    12 August 202228 views0 likes
  • Add a contact to your database

    Part 1: Navigate to Database Marketing 1. Login to TheWebConsole 2. From the top navig...

    14 September 202325 views0 likes
  • Exporting your contacts

    Exporting your Database marketing contacts

    06 May 202217 views0 likes
  • Do I have to limit the amount of contacts in my database?

    No.  There is no limit on the amount of contacts you can have in your database.  You ca...

    08 September 20222 views0 likes
  • Can I link my database marketing with my website?

    Yes you can.  With our software, it is simple to have your website and database marketing sy...

    11 May 20221 views0 likes
  • Understanding database marketing

    Benefits of database marketing The difference between a successful business and a not-so-succe...

    12 August 202214 views0 likes
  • Glossary of Database Marketing Terms

    Above-the-fold - The top part of an email or web page that is seen without scrolling. This i...

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  • Database Marketing Trial Process

    The Database Marketing Trial is a 14-day trial that allows people to experiment with all aspects ...

    11 May 20221 views0 likes
  • Creating an SMS campaign

    Sending an SMS campaign is a lot like sending an email campaign and similar marketing techniques ...

    27 September 20225 views0 likes
  • Viewing sent SMS campaign reports

    When you send your SMS campaigns, the system will immediately begin generating reports on the cam...

    27 September 20228 views0 likes
  • Buying credit for your SMS campaign

    To send SMS campaigns, you need to purchase credit (minimum amount $20). The cost per message is ...

    27 September 20227 views0 likes
  • Migrating address fields

    To use the new Print Card Campaigns you will have to use the Address field. If you already have a...

    09 May 20220 views0 likes
  • SMS Marketing

    SMS is a very effective customer service and marketing tool however it needs to be treated with the utmost care. It is important to remember you are connecting with someone through a device used for organising their personal life and so you don’t want to be seen as intrusive. Bulk SMS is gr...

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