• How do I buy credits to send SMS messages?

    SMS credits are charged in credits where 1 credit equals 1 cent. You can view you current credit ...

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  • Scheduling an SMS campaign

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  • How much extra does it cost me to SMS my clients?

    Sending an SMS to your clients will cost you the same amount that a normal SMS costs - 22 cents. ...

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  • Creating an SMS campaign

    Sending an SMS campaign is a lot like sending an email campaign and similar marketing techniques ...

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  • Viewing sent SMS campaign reports

    When you send your SMS campaigns, the system will immediately begin generating reports on the cam...

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  • Buying credit for your SMS campaign

    To send SMS campaigns, you need to purchase credit (minimum amount $20). The cost per message is ...

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  • SMS Marketing

    SMS is a very effective customer service and marketing tool however it needs to be treated with the utmost care. It is important to remember you are connecting with someone through a device used for organising their personal life and so you don’t want to be seen as intrusive. Bulk SMS is gr...

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