Import your contacts from another program

Importing Contacts from a list

The most common method for adding subscribers is to import an existing database. This can be done easily by following the 3 steps in the 'Contacts' section under the 'Import List' tab.

Your file must be in the proper format in order to successfully upload. This means that your file must be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Click on one of the following link to learn how to create a 'csv' file.

Step 1 - Uploading the file to the server

  1. Choose the delimiter that separates each field of data in the CSV file. For example, in comma-delimited records, a comma is used to separate each field of data.
  2. Select the file you want to upload by clicking on the BROWSE button to locate the file on your computer.
  3. Click on the 'I agree' tick box to agree to the terms of uploading your database.

Step 2 - Mapping fields from the uploaded database to the online database.

In order for the software to know how to map fields from your database to your online database, you will need to select which columns 'map' to which fields in the online database. Selecting from the drop-down list the field that you want the information to be imported into for each column can do this. If you don't want to include some information from your database, just leave the drop down as 'IGNORE'.

Note: The software won't let you complete this step until you have at least selected a column that maps to the email column.

Step 3 - Adding the contacts to a List/Group

If you wish to subscribe the contacts to a group, you can by clicking on the subscribed tick box

Clicking on finish will add the contacts to your online database.

Note: If you are re-importing a list where you have made changes to contacts in the list, the changes you have made will overwrite the current online database. Additionally, a contact's status will not change ie: if they are currently unsubscribes, they will stay unsubscribed when you upload the file.

Last Modified: 12 August 2022
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