Understanding database marketing

Benefits of database marketing

The difference between a successful business and a not-so-successful one is often their database and how they use it.  Their database is their list of contacts, such as clients, prospects, suppliers and alliances.

Database marketing is a solution for businesses to have all their contacts listed in one central resource and to quickly and easily send personalised, targeted messages to them. 

The list of database marketing strategies are never ending and the benefits for business are huge.  Some of the advantages of database marketing include:

  • Cost-effective - the cost of implementing and running a database marketing system is far less than the costs associated with marketing in traditional media and it has the potential to generate much better results.  For example, one email campaign sent out by Wide Span Sheds (a client of ours) generated $1.3 million in sales leads, which is far higher than the Return On Investment they had previously gained from traditional media campaigns. 
  • Easy to use - no longer do you need to be a large company with vast resources to use a database marketing.  Because this database marketing is so simple to use, you don't need any specific computer or design skills.
    • The end product includes professionally designed templates that are visually appealing and reflect your brand image.  This means that you don't need any graphic design skills or expensive software.
    • The complex process of designing, scheduling and sending a campaign is simplified by this program  This system breaks down the campaign into a series of user-friendly steps to make the whole process quick and easy for you. 
    • If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, using this system will be simple for you, because it is designed using the same layout and icons.  This makes it easy for anyone to use.
  • Measurable - the sleek reporting features available in this system finally make it easy to measure the results of marketing, for both individual campaigns and overall.  The reporting function means you can continually adjust your campaigns to achieve the best results.
  • Increased communication/increased revenue - it costs seven times more to attract a new customer than it does to get an existing client to spend more and close to seven out of ten clients that leave a business do so because of a perceived lack of interest from the business.  So this means you need to increase you communication to current clients in order to increase your revenue.  This database marketing system makes it easy and inexpensive for you to connect with your clients on a regular basis, which makes them feel appreciated and encourages them to become more brand loyal.
  • Leveraged - this system dramatically reduces time spent on internal administration, because it allows for communication to be automated and scheduled in advance.  This means that you can design a piece of communication, such as a welcome letter, set it to send at a particular time and then sit back and watch the results.  With this system, you can spend less time and effort on communication but still get great results.

Product Features

The Ezy Communicator is a world-class system that combines database management software with several practical, simple to use marketing tools.

The system is a revolutionary online system designed with ease of use in mind.  It has the following general functionality:

  • Manage contacts - create a database of all your client's contacts that can be easily updated and used for marketing campaigns.
  • Email marketing - create personalised emails that can get sent to a targeted group of clients instantly or scheduled for a later date.
  • Surveys/polls- create and deploy powerful surveys easily and quickly, with results collated instantly for you.
  • Ecards - improve customer retention by sending personalised cards and scheduling them for specific dates and occasions.
  • Event management - create and manage complex events easily, with everything from event registration and paying online to event reminders and name tags.
  • SMS marketing - send personalised SMS messages in a targeted and scheduled way.
  • Reporting - View your success in real-time, including opens, bounces, click-throughs, etc.

You can watch a Database Marketing Overview Tutorial Video we've prepared by clicking here.

Last Modified: 12 August 2022
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