Database Marketing Trial Process

The Database Marketing Trial is a 14-day trial that allows people to experiment with all aspects of the Database Marketing System for free. Over the 14 days, the prospect will be contacted in a number of ways. Below is the timeline of what should happen during the trial process.

Most importantly, the trial is an effective lead generator, as some of these database marketing leads may also result in website and CRM sales too. To acheive this you need to be very proactive with these leads.

Day 0

Client signs up. They are added to your Database Marketing Clients list and receive an account activation email. They activate the account and are automatically added to Bloomtools Trial Database Marketing account.

Day 1

The client will receive the first of four triggered emails.

You also need to call the Trial Account Holder and introduce yourself as their Local Consultant. Ask them what they are interested in the database marketing (so you can build up report, and increase your sales lead by discussing strategies, and how they could possibly use the product to their businesses advantage). Let them know how to contact you in the event of support queries or product queries. Check out their website before calling them, and if you see some opportunity here - let them know while they are doing the trial you could also do a website evaluation for them.

Day 4

The client receives the second triggered email.

Day 8

Client receives the third triggered email.

Check whether they have logged in, and call them again asking how they are getting on? Do they have any questions? (build report, increase conversion rate etc)

Day 12

Client receives the fourth triggered email.

You will also need to call the Trial Account Holder. Goal - to get them to sign up for the full Database Marketing Product and assist them in this process.

Day 14

The trial will expire.


Activating their account

When the Trial Account Holder activates their account themselves by inputting their Credit Card Details into the system, they will be automatically signed up to the 2500 contact plan and an email will be sent to your account.

When you receive this email, you need to call the Client. Ask them:

  • Whether the 2,500 plan will meets their needs. If not, offer the higher plans (and adjust it in the webconsole).
  • Whether they need any additional training. If so, let them know the cost of this training (create an invoice in the system to cover your training).
  • Whether they want branded email templates or not. If so, you will need to set up an order for these (if yes, order additional email templates in the system - as their account is already live, you shouldn't re-order the database marketing).

When this call is done, you then need to set their account live.

Setting their Account Live

Login to your account and set their Database Marketing Account live. When you do this, you will be prompted to give their bank account details for the monthly fees. You do not need to provide your Client with a Service Agreement to sign, as this has already been completed by a box they ticked agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. 

You can watch a Database Marketing Overview Tutorial Video we've prepared by clicking here.






Last Modified: 11 May 2022
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