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  • Formatting Text

    The web-editor is a state of the art HTML editor. The first time the editor loads, it can take up...

    14 September 202229 views0 likes
  • Adding links to other pages/websites

    Creating a Link (Old Editor) Within the editor, it is easy to add a link to a another page or ...

    14 September 20227 views0 likes
  • Password protecting a page

    A page can be password protected in one of two ways: Group passwords This password is used ...

    11 May 20220 views0 likes
  • How to Create a New Page

    How to add a new page to your website

    14 September 202235 views3 likes
  • Adding an image to a page

    Adding a new image (Drag and Drop Builder) To add a new image to one of your website pages ...

    27 May 20222 views0 likes
  • Copying A Page

    Part 1: Navigate to Content Pages 1. Login to TheWebConsole 2. From the left side menu clic...

    14 September 20222 views0 likes
  • Uploading a PDF

     You can make PDF documents available for download from your website.  Here are the ins...

    04 April 20222 views0 likes
  • Why can't I edit font colour and size?

    Within the Content Management System, you currently cannot choose font colors, sizes and types ...

    03 June 20222 views0 likes
  • Adding a new page to your website (Old Editor)

    In this help article, you'll learn how to add a new page to your website. To add a new pag...

    01 June 20222 views0 likes
  • Adding a table to a page on your website

    Tables can be very useful for organising your webpage content neatly, or for just being used as i...

    04 April 20222 views0 likes