How to Add a Promo Box to a Page

Navigate To The Page


1. Login to TheWebConsole

2. From the left side menu click Manage Pages and choose Content Pages

3. From the content page list either Add Page or Edit an existing page

Note: Information on how to Add a New Page and How to Edit an Existing Page can be found in more depth within separate knowledgebase articles.


Adding A Promo Module To The Page


1. Once the drag and drop editor has loaded you will be given the option to add different content modules into the page. All of these content modules first require a “Section” to be added. Once you have added your section and formatted it to your liking, simply click the “Promo” content module, located in the side menu. Once clicked, drag the module into the page, you will notice a blue highlighted box appear on the page wherever it is possible to add the module.

Note: Adding a section is covered in its own knowledge base article.


Choosing Your Promo


1. Once you have added the Promo content module to the page it will give you the option to Select your Promo. To select which Promo to show you can either click on the highlighted Promo or hover over the promo module and click, the edit options will appear. The edit button appears as a pencil icon in the top right of the section.

2. Once the edit window loads you will be given the ability to choose a spot you wish to display. You have to select this option. Once you have selected your Spot you will be given an option to select your Campaign. Choose the campaign you wish to display.

Note: information on how to create Promo’s and FAQ Categories  can be found in more depth within separate knowledgebase articles.


Styling Your Promo


1. Once you have added your Promo module and chosen the Spot and Campaign you can then style the content module, this can be done via the Style tab, covered below:

  • Style tab - Allows you to choose the overall styling of the Promo

    • Background Colour - allows you to choose a colour for the background of the question text

    • Padding and Margin - allows you to choose the space between the Promo and other content

2. Once you have chosen your styling click the “Save and Close” button to apply the settings to your Promo module

4. Once you have saved the Promo module and made any other page edits required, click the “Save'' button on the bottom of the side menu to save the page.

Last Modified: 26 September 2023