Creating a New Promo Campaign

A Promo Box is an area on your website that has been dedicated to displaying your Promo Campaigns. It is built into your design and cannot be moved without a website redesign. A Promo Campaign is the content that goes into your Promo Boxes. This can be changed, and you can have multiple campaigns running in the same Promo Box that change each time your visitor refreshes the webpage. This article will teach you how to create new content for your Promo Boxes.

To Create a new Promo Campaign:

  1. Click on the Promo Boxes tab when you are logged in to your website account
  2. Click Create New Campaign. You will see the Promo Campaign Details screen, below
  3. Give the campaign a Name
  4. Add the Content. Many people use images here, particularly if they have a graphic designer available who can create attractive promotional images, however text also works well here. Just like in Word, and all through the rest of The Web Console, you can format your text by using Bold and Italics, as well as links and source code.
  5. Choose the Promo Spot you want for this Promo Campaign from the dropdown menu. The available Promo Spots were created when you first added the Promo Boxes tool to your website, so you cannot add any more Promo Spot options without contacting us about it.
  6. Choose how long the Campaign Runs
  7. Leave Status on Running if you would like to use the new campaign immediately. Otherwise select Paused.
  8. Click Save Promo Campaign

You have now created your new Promo Campaign. The next step is to choose which pages you want this Promo Campaign to appear on by following the help article Applying content to a Promo Box.

Last Modified: 16 August 2022