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Applying Content to a Promo Box

With the Promo Boxes, you can customise which Promo Campaigns are appearing on your pages. For example, on your homepage, you may want to promote your phone number for sales enquiries, however, on your Shopping Cart you may like to promote your discounts for shopping online instead.

To Apply Content to a Promo Box

  1. Log into your website account and click on the Promo Boxes product.
  2. Click on Apply Content to a Promo Box
  3. Click Campaign Page Assignment link on the right of the Promo Spot you want to add content to. When the page refreshes, you will see a table listing all of your website pages as well as other products if you have them such as Photo Galleries, Product Catalogues, Shop Categories and Products, and any other pages that have been created automatically by any of your Add-On Website Tools.
  4. Choose which campaigns you want to appear on a page by selecting from the dropdown menu:
    • Random - All the campaigns you set up that have been made available for this promo spot will appear in this Promo Spot. The campaigns will change over in a random fashion every time someone refreshes that page.
    • Hidden - The Promo Spot will be hidden from view.
    • (Promo Campaign Name) - You can choose to have one Promo Campaign only appear in this Promo Spot by choosing the campaign from the dropdown menu.
    • Specify for all - You can choose the individual pages within the Website Tool that you would like campaigns to appear on. For example, if you have the Shopping Cart tool, you can choose a different campaign for each product page if you wish.
  5. When you are done assigning Promo Campaigns to all your website pages, click Save Selections

You have now assigned your Promo Campaigns to your Promo Spots and they will appear on your website.

Last Modified: 14 September 2022