Resizing images for your campaigns

Why do we limit the size of your campaigns?

When you send a campaign that includes images that total more than 500Kb, or individual images greater than 100kb:

  • You are costing both you and your client money in terms of bandwidth costs
  • Your campaign will be slow to load
  • Your images can appear distorted

How do you reduce your image size?

You can reduce your image size in a couple of ways:
  • When you upload the image - When you upload an image, you can select the size you want it resized to as it is uploaded, by following these instructions
  • Before you upload the image - There are many tools you can use to resize images, a couple of free tools include:
    • Pic Resize - A free set of web based image resizing tools
    • K Studio - A free Mac image resizing tool
Last Modified: 08 September 2022
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