How do I schedule my event if it occurs more than once?

Please follow the steps below to schedule an event that occurs more than once:

  1. Make sure you are either editing a current event, or creating a new event
  2. Go to section 6 by clicking on the button underneath the number 6
  3. Select the events start time from the drop down boxes
  4. Select the This event will re-occur radio box
  5. A new section will appear called Event Schedule
    • If you wish for the event to recur on on the same day each week, month, or year make sure that the first radio box is selected. Enter the length in time, and the period between events you want to have. Then select the day of the week you wish for the event to occur. In the Starting From drop down boxes select the date that you want the recursion to start from. E.g. If you want the event to be on the second Monday of each month it would read like this:
      Every 2 week/s on the Monday starting from 11/06/2007
    • If you wish to select the dates that the events will occur, select the second radio box. Select the date that you want the event to occur. If you wish to add more than one date, simply click on the [add another date] link.
  6. Once you are done click the Save button
Last Modified: 04 April 2022
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