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Formatting Text

The web-editor is a state of the art HTML editor. The first time the editor loads, it can take up to a minute. The following is a list of functions that the web-editor performs.

Preview what the website will look like with our style applied to it.(Not including the border)

Save - Save what you are working on without leaving the editor

Source - View and edit the HTML Source code. Only use this feature if you have experience modifing HTMLsource code.

Cut text

Copy text

Paste text

Past from Text

Past from word - If you are ever copying text from word, make sure to use this feature, as it strips out unnecessary formatting from word.

Spell check

Redo the last command

Undo the last command

Search for text in a page


Select All - selects everything on the page

Eraser - removes formatting from any text that is selected when the button is pressed





Insert an ordered list

Insert an un-ordered list

Justify Left

Justify Centre

Justify Right

Justify Full

Add a new link to another page/file/anchor in your website or to a page on the web.

Remove a link from some text.

Anchor - creates a reference on a page that can be linked to. You can create a link to an anchor using the "anchor" icon on the toolbar

Image - insert an image from the image manager.

Create a table

Special Character - insert a special character.

MaximizeMaximize Text Editor - Maximize text editor to a larger area.


To save the page and go back, click on "Save and Exit" on the bottom left to return to the "Manage Pages" section. To cancel any changes you've made click on 'Cancel'.

Last Modified: 11 August 2023
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