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Adding Anchor Links

 Adding Anchor Links

An anchor link is a type of website link that doesn't direct to a page, but rather to a section of a page. Typically used on one page parallax sites, their purpose is to provide a better content experience on a long page. These types of links are also useful for quick referencing or FAQs.

Adding an Anchor Link in Content

To add an anchor link within your content:
  • Highlight the text you'd like to anchor
  • Select the anchor button
  • Give your Anchor a name but make sure it's not too short or too long
  • Click OK to finalize your anchor

To Link an Anchor:

  • Highlight the text you'd like to anchor to
  • Select the hyperlink button
  • Under the 'link type' drop down, select Link to anchor in this text
  • Select the anchor you've designated in the first step
  • Click OK to finalize

You're done!

Adding an Anchor Link to a Menu Item

It is typically not suggested to anchor link a menu option unless you're creating a one page website. If you did want to add anchor links within the menu structure, however, these are the simple steps to add the link:

  • Add the menu item through the Menu Software and name it whatever you'd like
  • Under 'type' select custom link
  • Enter the name of the anchor link by using the following equation:

/ Name of your page # Name of your Anchor

  • The / indicates you're calling a page from within your website
  • The name of your page indicates which page you're pointing to
  • The name of your anchor indicates the anchor text you're asking it to go to

Last Modified: 04 April 2022
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