Avoid your email being blocked by SPAM filters

What are SPAM filters?

SPAM filters are programs that look for certain words or phrases in an email's subject line or body (known as trigger words) and then take action.

Each word or phrase is given a score. The scores are then added up and if the total is more than the filter's preset score the email is added to the SPAM folder or not even received on the recipient's computer.

Some examples of words/phrases that cause emails to not make it through include;

  • Multiple exclamations in the subject
  • Email is address as info @ your domain.com
  • Contains words like; Viagra, buy now etc...

What is your email's score?

You can view what your email's score is on step 2 of the email campaign setup. It is created using a program called Spam Assasin, the standard SPAM program used by most web servers.

The program will also list the things you will need to do to improve your score.

Any emails with a score above 5 will not be allowedto be sent from the server.

Last Modified: 04 April 2022
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