Burter (6.0.7)

24 October 2022


  • CRM - Invoices listed in the backend now show company name in the set columns and displays the company it relates to for the client.
  • CRM - tick boxes to duplicate address fields, works well in the membership forms with multiple address fields and copies if address the same.
  • System - Added email extension .host in tld for valid email address
  • System - System knowledgebase RSS Feed, released rss feed for support/system knowledgebase answers.
  • Form Builder - Designers can now customise form builder templates
  • Event - Ability to show Payment tab in event registration even if its free event. - Event Wizard: System will show payment tab even if its free event. Client can select Invoice category for event invoices even its $0 this allows the invoices to still go into Xero
  • Event - Registration Backend: Address and company field for invoice pulls data from contact address custom field setup in event.
  • Event - Added canonical tags to event listing and details page
  • Event - Registration Attendees - you can now set the individual attendee status for event registration, attended/not attended
  • MM2 - Company Name in filter box - Clients can now search membership with company name.
  • Product Enhancement - From now on, System will not create a content page when a new FAQ category is created.
  • Gallery image ALT Text - clients can now setup alt text for gallery images.
  • FAQ - Previously when you create a new FAQ category a new content page is created, we have now stopped this from happening


  • Service Agreements - We have added a section for inclusions to service agreements making contracts more official for all extras and options they are getting with their agreement.


  • Website Editor - In website editor >> Sections, when you choose background scroll to parallax was not working as it should. We have fixed the issue.
  • Website Editor - Ability to handle script tags in website editor content - fixed bug with website editor executing inline scripts in content.
  • Website Editor - Fixed issue with replace image not working for image and text module, fixed issue with link to anchor showing wrong heading text, fixed issue with container class not applying to section.
  • Knowledgebase - Fixed an issue with deleted knowledgebase articles still showing in the front end.
  • API - Fixed bug with invoice API returning empty if invoice type is custom - Fixed the issue with Zapier when it tries to sync custom invoice.
  • MM2 - fixed a bug where disabled members still showed in the membership directory.