Eevee (6.0.4)

13 May 2022


  • Database Marketing - Events - We can now manage the event categories from the backend and adjust yourself without developer.
  • Database Marketing - Events - We can new drag and drop event listing in website editor.
  • Membership V2 - added a feature to turn off pro rata on a membership duration depending on the sign up date.
  • Membership V2 - New Date for Membership - Added 28th as an option to choose when setting up membership “Every Year” type duration.
  • Database Marketing - System - We now have the ability to do Apple News Feeds into the Apple News Publisher program.


  • System - We have added some information to the server to try and resolve some of the image issues we have been having (please let us know your image trouble so we can look at the logs)
  • Website Editor - Form Builder - Fixed issue with form-builder export not exporting image links.
  • Shop - Fixed bug with shop settings not showing custom thumb dimension text box.


  • Membership V2 - Ability to copy Membership Type in member manager version 2, makes it easier when setting up new memberships just need to watch the triggers are set up correctly when using this function.
  • Website - Website Editor Event Drag and Drop - you can now setup events per page and drag and drop block.