Broly (6.0.2)

11 February 2022


  • Database Marketing - We had a feature in the form builder form that means we can create a dynamic thank you message like [submission_<form element name>] We have now created this in surveys and can design a dynamic thank you message based on the survey response.
  • Database Marketing - Similar to Membership trigger template, we need ability for clients to design dynamic event confirmation email by placing placeholders in content. Below is list of placeholders we will initial start with below, you can now use registration placeholders in the event confirmation email.
    • Registration Id

    • Registration date

    • Registration tickets (Table showing tickets purchased)

    • Add event to google or outlook calendar.

    • Registration contact information.

  • Event - Due Date for Event invoices - When creating a registration for an event from backend, we need an ability to set due date of invoice in “Invoice” step of registration, you can now set Invoice due date for an event registration in backend.

  • Event - Event Calendar Invite - Ability to add event in google outlook or Yahoo calendar. In backend, we can now copy link to share event in calendar. You can embed link in email campaigns or Event confirmation email.

  • Form Builder - Form Builder Update, we wanted a copy function on the elements, you now have the ability to copy an element in the form builder form.

  • Membership Manager 2 - Make the membership triggers add to Global. This gives you the ability to setup trigger to run for all membership types. This way you can create one common trigger for all types instead of copying to every type. (I personally love this one)

  • Membership Manager 2 - Allow the ability for members to upgrade their memberships -

  • Introducing membership upgrade feature for users to switch between plans. While paying for renewal invoice, user can switch to different plans depending on duration chosen.


  • Membership V2 - Fixed bug with lifetime members showing expiry date, they now no longer display an expiry date in the membership listing.


  • Website Editor - Ability to select a mobile layout for the Grid - Ability to change mobile settings of grid in Website editor. You can now choose to render grid in 2x2 or 3x2 table.