Frieza (6.0.1)

21 January 2022


  • Website Editor - You can now see mobile and tablet previews in the website editor appears at the top of the page  (please let us know your feedback on this) 
  • Website Editor - Ability to hide section in mobile - clients can now control individual column mobile padding and margin in website editor - clients can now hide whole section in mobile 
  • Website Editor - Individual Button Margins for Buttons in website editor, you can now control the margins for individual buttons in the website editor
  • Database Marketing - Email Campaign - Ability to download Campaign Report as a CSV, report provides insights of the number of opens, bounces and unsubscribes.  Report also lists the links and click throughs in that campaign.
  • Event - Ability to edit event invoice online - System now supports paying event invoice outside registration flow. Clients can send out payment link to users to pay directly for registration. This feature is useful when client creates registration from backend and sends out link to user to pay online.


  • Website Editor - Podcast Tool Updates - fixed the issue so the podcast loads correctly (breaking due to unloading library) and added the ability to load a single podcast with player only mode 
  • File Manager - Image file manager not loading images - fixed the issue when the file name is too long the image breaks
  • Website Editor - When trying to edit a video it was not bringing up the tools and playing the video, we have fixed the issue to stop the video playing on click when trying to edit.
  • Website - AMP Pages not registering title, fixed website not showing adding page due to garbage characters.