Vegeta (6.0.0)

5 December 2021


  • Website Editor - Website editor show controls on click - updated website editor to show block controls on click.
  • Form Builder - Stop formbuilder adding a page - you now just create a content page for the form, it does not automatically do it anymore.
  • Form Builder - Print Submissions - needed the ability to print from the submissions section and it did not print as a PDF, you now have the ability to print submissions.
  • Custom Form - we can now hide the colon (:) from the back of form builder label.
  • Shop - Updated shop settings to show quote auto responder email setup.
  • Article - add SEO page title to article tool - ability to set a page title for an article, by default the system will use the article heading as page title for page.
  • Article - Articles by Date - article selector is in email campaign builder is now sorted on article date.
  • Membership V2 - add contact company name in membership type, we can now add contact company name in membership signup of profile form.


  • Website Editor - Removed selected class when editing an image, when we were clicking on the image it was adding the selected class on the block - fixed issue with website not hiding advanced options when editing an image.
  • Website Editor - Improve website editor when dragging a section - fixed the issues with the website editor when dragging a new section
  • Website Editor - Website Editor - Spacer tool showing incorrect size in editor - fixed the issue with the spacer minimum height always showing 50, it will now show 30
  • Website Editor - Fix within Tabs, fixed bug with tab within tab not working.
  • Membership V2 - There were some issues with invoices showing the wrong year in memberships - this has been resolved.
  • Database Marketing - There was an issue with sitewide contact links taking you to a 404 page - we fixed the issue with the broken URL's in the contact logs.
  • Database Marketing - Fixed issue with event registration list showing the wrong date - issue only affected clients that were on daylight savings.
  • Membership V1 and V2, we have stopped members being able to renew membership 1 invoices if they have been moved to MV2, invoices need to be manually cancelled in the backend.


  • Website Editor - Slider New tool - new drag and drop content slider for website editor, we can now ad images, words, testimonials, blogs etc.