Pilaf (5.5.7)

9 October 2021

This is a 3 week release cycle, extended to try and include some more tasks, we have been working predominantly on a PHP 7 Upgrade that is almost complete but should provide improvement across the system.


Events - Grid released to event editor - The event descriptions can now support a responsive grid.
System - Images - Image Cache Issue - There was a problem with images not updating when website cache was cleared, it wasn't changing the images that had been amended now when website cache is cleared the image cache is cleared as well.
System - Form Builder - Drawable signature box for forms - Stage One introduces a signature element in the form builder form. Since the signature is stored in the encrypted database, it cannot be emailed, exported or sent in a webhook. This feature will be changed in future releases based on clients requirements. At this stage it can only be printed by the client.


System: Articles - Articles are able to be password protected based on password or subscriptions groups, this feature is only available to accounts with websites enabled.


System: Article - Fixed an issue with the RSS feed, the system was throwing a 404 error if the publish date was left empty. This has now been resolved.
System: Form Builder - Static Test now showing in the email submissions - there was an issue with static text and headings showing up in form builder form submissions, this no longer happens.
System: Form Builder - Form Webhooks not working - Fixed issue with form builder webhooks they stopped working due to recent updates in ssl certificates it was a world wide issue.
Calendar - Event - Event calendar events draggable - Fixed the issue with the event calendar allowing users to drag events.
Calendar - Event - Event view challenges on mobile - added a navigation view that allows you to see previous and next months in mobile event calendar view.
Website Editor - Text Editor - Anchor link headings not working - Fixed the issue with anchor links not linking heading in website editor.
Blog - RSS XML Issue - Fixed issue with blog RSS feed breaking due to unknown character in title.