Tenshinhan (5.5.3)

26 July 2019

New Feature

  • Blog Tool: Addition of a new "Post slug" to allow for custom URL's to be entered for improved SEO

Bug Fixes

  • Database Marketing: Fixed a bug that appeared when exporting campaigns from a single contact
  • Database Marketing: Implemented fixes for the invoice when purchasing SMS credits
  • Database Marketing: Fixed example image display when choosing email templates from the free listing
  • Database Marketing: Fixed email click through reports figures to be more accurate
  • Database Marketing: GST not being added to SMS credit invoice
  • Event Tool: Fixed bug preventing the save of payment method gateway in event
  • From Builder Tool: Fixed bug not converting timezone regions correctly when mapping to Database Marketing Contacts
  • Fundraiser Tool: Fixed bug that allowed amounts lower than the min amount to be entered
  • Surveys Tool: Fixed the results as they were not showing answers
  • Website Grader: Multiple fixes applied for updated results
  • Website Editor: Upload of a file in custom fields now shows a delete option


  • Blog Tool: Ability to search blog posts based on Author, Tag or keyword (applies to advanced blog view)
  • CRM: Ability to turn off triggers in CRM
  • Donations Tool: Ability to add pre defined amounts
  • Form Builder Tool: Visitor tracking implemented on Form Builder and Contact Us forms
  • Form Builder Tool: Ability to add time field intervals has been added
  • Form Builder Tool: Ability to restrict/limit the available countries in the address field
  • Fundraiser Tool: Ability to add videos in a fundraiser event has been added
  • Image and File Manager: Mass delete in Image and file manager
  • Shop Tool: Option to catcher the Shipping Address in Quote Cart
  • Shop Tool: Ability to import all custom fields added in shop import rather than just the fields of the chosen Category
  • Security: Spam Shield Honey trap implemented to reduce spasm ion contact submissions
  • Security: Added .college as new tld option
  • Website Editor: Ability to add tracking to buttons has been implemented
  • Website Editor: Meta Description has been made mandatory for improved SEO
  • Website Editor: Remove Google Plus from all areas of the back end