Ginyu (5.5.1)

5 July 2018

New Feature

  • Website Editor: The ability to copy page blocks for quick styling of content
  • Invoices: Client invoices are now templatable allowing for customization from the design team
  • Invoices: The ability to change invoices chosen payment gateway
  • CRM: The ability to add comments on tasks within CRM
  • CRM: Outstanding Task reports now available
  • Shop: The ability to add different price lists to product variation options

Bug Fixes

  • Website Editor: Fixed a bug in which duplicate pages would save when clicking the save button multiple times during the save process
  • Shop: Fixed a bug with stock level decrease on order completion
  • Event Manager: Fixed a bug with notification not being sent on free events
  • Event Manager: Fixed a bug correcting the dates for events running over several different dates
  • Blog: Fixed a bug allowing sharing of blog articles with symbols in the title to Facebook
  • Articles: Fixed a bug with the articles list dates
  • Database Marketing: Fixed a bug where the sort order of fields in sign up forms would remove require status
  • Testimonial: Fixed a bug with the tools pagination in front end
  • Catalog: Fixed a bug on mobile view now allowing for share buttons to display


  • CRM: Added task status field into the triggers and task template
  • Database Marketing: Added the ability to unlink contacts from companies
  • Database Marketing: Added the ability to export link click reports in email campaigns
  • Website Editor: Clearing website cache will also clear image cache
  • Website Editor: META Description increase to 320 characters
  • Website Editor: Added a number of small enhancements to the current website editor interface and functionality
  • Website Editor: Added Image and File Manger link ability to website editor buttons
  • Website Editor: Added the option to hide the form builder form headers
  • Security: Added the ability to reset multi factor authentication
  • Blog: Added the ability to add a custom page title in blog posts