Hercule (5.5.0)

20 March 2018

New Feature

  • Form Builder: Integrated Form Builder with CRM triggers
  • CRM: Added a report option for Pipeline by Stage
  • CRM: Added a report option for Lead Closure
  • CRM: Added the ability to add notes for companies and contacts
  • CRM: Added an activity reminder feature
  • Website Editor: The ability to add in custom fonts via designers
  • Website Editor: Added in Alt Tags and Advisory Titles to images
  • Event Manager: A new global setting has been added for notification management

Bug Fixes

  • Database Marketing: Fixed a bug where email campaigns subject was not working with custom fields
  • Database marketing: Fixed a bug preventing the export of dates in Contacts
  • Shop: Fixed a bug with date fields in shop exports
  • Membership Manager: Fixed a bug with members not saving if they had image custom fields
  • Website Editor: Fixed a bug with image movement in sections
  • Shop: Fixed a bug with the front end display of the account edit screen
  • SMS Campaign: Fixed a report feature bug
  • Event Manager: Fixed a bug preventing notification send outs when manually marking invoices as paid from backend
  • Form Builder: Fixed a bug with multi page forms rules
  • Blog: Fixed a bug with title tags when browsing posts by tag name


  • Event Manager: Restricted the ability to delete ticket types once a user has registered and purchased that a ticket of that specific type
  • Event manager: Increased load time for event tool and front end events
  • Website Editor: Improved image load times
  • Database Marketing: Improved linking within email campaigns
  • Donations: The ability to set confirmation message on donations
  • Security: Replaced password send outs with a reset your password link