Metapod (5.4.9)

12 January 2018

New Feature

  • Shop: Product add-ons can now be grouped
  • Shop: Created a product XML Feed for third party use
  • Shop: The ability to add custom order fields to the checkout process via developer team
  • Security: Added improved process for SSL on all hosted websites
  • CRM: The ability to add custom task status

Bug Fixes

  • Membership Manager: Fixed a bug with members belonging to multiple companies
  • Membership Manger: Fixed a bug with recurring payment types in memberships
  • Membership Manager: Fixed a bug where removing a custom field wouldn't not let you create a new one of the same name
  • Membership Manager: Fixed a bug with saving contacts with image custom fields
  • Knwoldgebase: Fixed a bug with sort ordering
  • CRM: Fixed a bug with multi window popups when adding new contacts in companies
  • Website Editor: Fixed bug with Youtube video addition
  • Shop: Fixed a bug with front end shop URL's breaking
  • Shop: Fixed a bug with product add-ons
  • Shop: Fixed a bug that would show AUD tax on CA sites
  • Database Marketing: Fixed a bug with email link clicking reports pagination
  • Form Builder: Fixed a bug in multi step forms with T&C fields
  • Even Manager: Fixed a bug with events containing custom fields
  • Blog: Fixed a bug where hidden posts would show in sitemap
  • Security: Fixed cross site scripting (XSS) for article categories in front end


  • Security: Added Captcha to shop customer sign up
  • Security: Added a forget your password option to password protected pages
  • Form Builder: Removed hidden forms from sitemap
  • Shop: Allowing Iframe to be inserted into category description
  • Shop: Removed GST from Gift Vouchers
  • Membership Manager: Added the ability to search in back end via custom fields
  • Shop: Added a "save and move to next tab" ability when editing products