Wigglytuff (5.4.8)

8 September 2017

New Feature

  • DBM - The ability to add in a Privacy Policy link into the footer of email campaigns

Bug Fixes

  • Catalogue - Products added to a Category that is deleted now store themselves in a hidden state for use in another category
  • CRM - Resolved a bug hiding the event section in the last column of the CRM Calendar
  • CRM - Hide all contacts with registering status from CRM listing
  • CRM- Resolved the CRM contact import to not require DBM
  • DBM - Resolved the Resend Unopened Email feature sending to all recipients
  • DBM - Resolved bug in which imported contacts were added to a future date
  • Blog - Logged in users Username's now show on internal blogs for clients using custom displays
  • Survey - Resolved Date formatting to match locale date standards
  • Invoices - Resolved Invoice status change error causing canceled invoices to set as payed
  • Formbuider - Resolved export feature
  • Membership Manager - Resolved export feature to include Company name
  • Shop - Payment notifications resolved to send when triggered
  • Shop - Resolved Shop imports of Variant items and prices
  • Shop - Resolved the mail out of multiple digital gift vouchers when ordered
  • Shop - Resolved the Limit Use feature of Shop Discount Codes
  • Shop - Resolved the product search feature based on keywords
  • Shop - Resolved the shop Pricelist feature on checkout


  • Payment Gateway - Updated Paypal to use tls 1.2
  • CRM - Lead source can now be attached with leads
  • Membership Manager - Deleting a contact will now disable membership
  • Donation Tool - Email address is now shown in donation table
  • Form Builder - Now has the ability to add multiple addresses in Email rules
  • Security - Encryption of Contact passwords in DBM
  • DBM - Users will now have the ability to be notified when a Contact updates their details.
  • Client Filing Manager - Now has the ability to add images to custom field options
  • Shop - Company name now appears in the Order listing
  • Shop - TNT Shipping method updated to new requirements
  • Shop - variant combination now has the ability to manage price's
  • Shop - Custom box padding added into shipping methods
  • Survey - Users can now export all questions at one time