Gyarados (5.4.6)

11 April 2017

New Features

  • Shop - Tax inclusions can now vary dependent on the location selected in shopping cart
  • Search - Paid Feature: Advanced website search including all front end tools and content
  • Membership Manager - Recurring payments feature added via PayFlow upgrades
  • Shop/Catalog - Categories now have page template allocation
  • CRM - Industry can now be assigned within companies in CRM

Bug Fixes

  • Event Manager - Export of attendee address has been resolved.
  • Event Manager - Custom field multi use now supported.
  • Blog - French character in title now supported
  • Contacts - Contact imports with date fields will now upload honoring the timezone of the account.
  • CRM - Leads stage duplication has been resolved
  • Content Pages - New folder filter searching resolved
  • Form Builder - Hidden forms can now show a preview
  • Servery - Survey response links resolved
  • Servery - Date field honors timezone of account


  • Event manager - The ability to add guest details to confirmation emails
  • CRM - Invoicing list improvements
  • Shop - Compare products have max set to 6 at a time
  • Membership manager - Membership Email contains custom fields to client
  • CRM - Lead reports can now filter by industry.
  • Sitemap - Version updated to 0.9
  • Donations - Improvement made to list to show paid by field
  • Shop - search orders based on billing country