Luigi (5.3.2)

2 October 2015

  • Fixed a bug with starter websites getting the wrong account access for certain products
  • Fixed bug with Canadian invoices showing GST
  • Fixed a bug where when cancelling an event the number of spots would not be increased
  • Fixed a bug with the sitemap where if something was hidden it wasn't being hidden in the sitemap
  • Fixed bug where when cancelling an order the stock levels of the items in the order were not being updated
  • Fixed a bug where email campaign copy functionality was not retaining the schedule when copying
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to add a CRM note
  • Fixed bug with Form Builder where when using a number field you could not use a decimal number
  • Fixed a bug with adding additional tickets to an existing event registration would not update the number of spots left in an event


  • Added the ability for form builder forms to send an email to a different address based on rules
  • Added the ability to use existing member fields in different member types
  • Added custom contact fields to the event dashboard edit details screen
  • Updated the console's version of Google Adwords API from version 201409 to 201506
  • Added the ability to use Canadian postcodes in the system
  • Added logging for price lists
  • Added mobile-friendly shop cart and checkout page templates
  • Added icons to the Form Builder for uploads that are not images

New Feature

  • Added the BPoint offsite payment gateway