Supersprint (5.1.13)

28 April 2015


  • Promo areas Campaign page assigment time out issue for large accounts is resolved
  • Event - Event Listing
  • Fix bug for standalone mobile website, if ordered, breaking regular desktop website
  • Update /statistic/seller/audit - Add recent notes and link to invoice details
  • Double Opt-In Bug
  • Client Filing Manager - Link to folders
  • When a person signs up through a subscription for it will re-sign them up again.
  • Sellers can now delete multiple contacts in the database marketing account.
  • Shop - $0 Download Product
  • Issue ordering Website products, to existing 'Standalone Mobile Website' client


  • Shop - Add missing columns from old shop export to new shop export
  • Shop Gift Vouchers - add ability to determine what vouchers have been sent to what contact
  • Contacts - Allow sellers and franchisees the ability to bulk delete contacts
  • Default settings for client filing manager
  • Shop Emails - Make the cart abandoned email editable
  • Allow Shop Search to search Meta Keywords field

New Feature

  • Product Templates - Add ability to rollback to product templates revision