Ketchikan (5.09)

4 December 2014


  • Category item search change
  • New Shop - Volume Discount Bug
  • Admin Billing - Fix bug with search dropdown field not being sorted alphabetically
  • Fix the reporting/statistics on /stats/hq/accounts.php
  • Existing Contact Event Sign Up
  • ? added into content
  • Formbuilder select element blank on edit.
  • Form Builder Upload Name Bug
  • Quote Cart Auto Responder
  • Ad Manager Resize Bug
  • Classifieds - Fix bug with $_VARS not being carried across pagination links
  • New Shop - Quote Cart on Mobile
  • New Shop - Invoices
  • New Shop - Shipping Based on Weight
  • Bug with Gallery Lightview
  • Service Agreement - addition of CVC field to the Credit Card panel
  • Contact us auto responder
  • New Shop - Fix bug with variant weight changes not work


  • Contact Import - allow the contact.contactCompany to show as a mappable field
  • Shop - Add new template field for showing price excluding tax
  • Shop - Add ability for the price excluding tax template field to be updated when changing variants
  • Events - Zend the event search scripts
  • Mobile Websites - Fix bug with blog images being too large for screen
  • Payment Gateways - Enhance the NAB Transact API to be able to use Risk Management