Chicago (5.07)

8 November 2014

Bugs / Fixes

  • Update billing script to use website payment gateway
  • Old Shop discount bug
  • Mobile Websites - Add ability for footer to determine current year
  • Change of ABN and BSB for Canada
  • Move Master / Child product into the /dbm/ namespace
  • Update Bloomtools franchisee page script
  • New Shop - Checkout bug
  • Events - Change the registration verification emails to come from the DBM profile settings email
  • Bug with Shop importer
  • Contact Form Submissions not working
  • Fundraiser event image upload
  • File Manager Error Broadbeach Alliance
  • CSV Import Error
  • Add Payment Method as a column to the Order Listing table
  • Membership Renewal Invoices
  • Edit text button missing
  • Product pricing print bug
  • Promobox page assignment cache.


  • Shop - Finish work on pricelists
  • Offline Gateway - Allow the gateway to be renamed by user
  • Websites - Create default facebook upload logo
  • Adjustment to Contact Form to take accountId param