S. Claus (4.5.3)

13 December 2013


  • Deployed new imaging framework, speeding up all website images and assisting them in being served up to 600% faster
  • Website caching changes - improving the speed of website loading times.
  • Enhancements to how Email Campaign links function
  • Addition of the Google Tag Manager feature for websites
  • Added new Service Agreement format (seller only)
  • Caching improvements to handling Geocoding changes
  • Updated Payment Gateways to all use HTTP 1.1 standard


  • Tweaks to survey interface.
  • Adjustments and improvements to working with and editing fields for Event Attendees
  • Improvement to managing date fields when viewing submissions
  • Improvement to exporting submissions
  • Improvements to the sort order of Testimonials on website front end
  • Tweak to sitemap to reflect all of the products/tools a client has ordered