Orillia (4.5.14)

31 July 2014


  • Form Builder - Make page section descriptions HTML areas
  • Implementation of Double Opt-in for Contacts
  • Create script to get messages off Mailserver tube
  • Catalog/Shop - Implement infinite scroll
  • Update to Contact Us form submission email
  • Addition of 'Products' to Master/Child software
  • Shop backend Search
  • Shop Customer Pagination
  • Netregistry Payment Gateway change
  • Admanager - Create migrate script for migrating old admanager
  • Admanager - Implement reporting in the new admanager
  • Gift Messages showing on Delivery Docket

Bug Fixes

  • Member Manager - Fix bug with members doubling up
  • Social Media - Facebook statuses for websites showing incorrect thumbnails
  • Social Media - Linkedin statuses for websites showing images instead of the post
  • Bug with Creating Links to Form Builder Forms
  • Issue with Gallery not setting Default Settings for new clients
  • QR Code issue when user doesn't enter an address
  • Shop Settings - Add admin check
  • New shop RRP change
  • New Shop Export functionality
  • Old shop invoice address bug