Muskoka (4.5.13)

6 May 2014


  • Membership Manager - Management of Subscription Groups
  • Event - Fix bug with custom field details being overwritten
  • Invoices - Fix bug with payment methods list
  • Client Upload Screen - Fix bug with templates getting bytecode character
  • Classifieds - Enhancement to the FCKEditor
  • Catalog - Fix bug with Iframes not working in fields
  • Admin Knowledgebase - Fix bug with answers that are deleted still showing on the frontend
  • Invoices - Fix display bug with Invoices
  • Member Manager - Fix bug with image upload
  • New Shop - Fix bug with guest customer name not appearing on order screen or delivery docket
  • Adjustments to Form Builder Description styling
  • Standard Fields able to be edited
  • Change the wording of Youtube Social Media in Settings
  • Client Filing Manager date bug fix


  • Create the a payment plan form
  • Shop - Export of Variant data from old shop / Import of Variant data into new shop
  • API - Log API errors
  • Shop Emails - Add default templates to new shop
  • Shop Emails - Add ability to add custom fields to shop emails
  • Migrate script for Shop Brands and Categories
  • Client Filing Manager front end sort order change
  • Membership Manager import error message
  • Survey export change