Rummy Nose (4.47)

11 July 2013


  • Events - Days to repeat needs to be required
  • Donations - Small fixes to the donation form
  • User Settings spelling mistake
  • Website Settings - The clients fax number from Settings is not displaying in the footer
  • Donations - If no donation causes are setup then there is an error in the email notifications
  • DBM - List of failed tests when doing a spam check on an email is not correct
  • SMS Campaigns - Help toolbar covers SMS body covering what you are typing
  • Catalogue - Changing the sort order of categories breaks the showif of custom fields in items
  • Seller area QR code statistics not working
  • CRM - Future activities are not appearing in the Activity List
  • knowledgebase - Embed video code being stripped out
  • Events - If an error or message is triggered in the first step then the date drop down breaks
  • Payment Gateways - FIx bug with eWay module
  • Blog commenting not sending notification email
  • Contacts - Date field is not working in Filters
  • Manage Pages - Linking on a page make the linking editor break
  • Donations - Invoice State and Country display incorrect
  • Donations - Fix the invoice number which is displayed in the back end
  • Manage Pages - CK editor linking showing deleted pages
  • Membership Manager - When adding members in back end
  • CRM - Fix bug with sending email campaigns using Date Type Custom Fields as filters
  • Remove the Email Groups functionality from /web/form-builder/form
  • Survey - Skip Logic not working correctly
  • Catalogue - Catalogue Category ticking custom fields does not retain after saving.
  • CKeditor not showing DBM files when linking
  • Client Details - Unable to delete Street Address
  • Events - DBM only accounts Event starting time shows 10 hours ahead on front end
  • Bug in error log - parse_url
  • Cache - Fix bug with caching on Armstrong profile pages


  • Data Entry Product release for beta testing.
  • Data Entry - Add/Edit Data Entry Products
  • Data Entry - Update Quote/Order page
  • Data Entry - Delegate to Head Office
  • Data Entry - Minimum Cost
  • Data Entry - Quote/Order Email


  • Restriction on cancelling not-paid invoices.
  • Articles - Zend the listing and view scripts
  • Blog - Add a preview link to the blog software
  • Gallery - Default lightview templates are not being applied to galleries set to inherit default settings
  • Gallery - Image sort order is broken when dragging images to be uploaded
  • Gallery - Small improvements in Settings area for galleries
  • Gallery - Update styles for pagination and image spacing
  • Survey - Default template looks broken