Neon (4.4.6)

4 July 2013


  • Menu - Tidy interface in sub menu popup
  • Project - Add Project Facilitator option to Seller Details screen
  • Tasks - Max time for On Hold tasks
  • Form Builder - Add Static Heading and Static Text options to the Form Standard Fields options
  • Updated the standard events listing view to the newer development method (meaning it will work better on mobiles)
  • Hide shop Invoices and Preview websites from being indexed by Google
  • Mobile Website Fixes - contact details
  • Payment Gateway - Add cvv to Secure Pay payment gateway
  • Membership Manager - Renewal Invoice Generation
  • Membership manager eway payment setup
  • DBM - Image and file manager unable to upload more then 1 file at a time

Bug Fixes

  • Events - Bug with required fields in Additional Event Information
  • Issue uploading assets of certain file types / sizes over 40MB
  • Menu caching shop categories
  • Events - Fix bug with printing functionality
  • Footer address populating from the client details page
  • Mobile Websites - Speed up of slow sub menus
  • Membership manager - Custom member type change
  • DBM - Contact Database Certain Filter Rules Breaking
  • Ckeditor cache clearing - old code
  • Menu Migration Fix - Fix className bug appearing on menus that failed migration
  • Update website twitter feeds to work with new API
  • Gallery - New Gallery uploading images not saving
  • Issue with Promo Areas + New Catalogue Item View
  • Classifieds - Category SEO text boxes not retaining entries once saved.