Tihanyi (4.4.1b)

24 April 2013

Ad Manager

  • Improved the tool by hiding the preview for Ad's which are Flash files

Blog Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the LinkedIn URL was not correct for Authors

Case Studies Tool

  • Improved the front end interface by removing some unneeded text

Catalogue Tool

  • Fixed a bug where adding images via the editor was not working in IE9
  • Fixed a bug with images not displaying in the back end

Database Marketing Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the 'Alert Me' setting was not working when contacts were being added to the Database

Donations Tool

  • Fixed a spelling mistake in the settings area
  • Fixed a bug where donations were not being marked as paid

Form Builder Tool

  • Improved the tool by making it retain data when browsing through pages in a form on the front end
  • Fixed a bug where Rules were not working for file upload fields
  • Fixed a bug where adding an image into the confirmation message was not working in Firefox

Gallery Tool

  • Improved the position of Related Gallery links on the front end
  • Improved the listing view by cropping the gallery titles to avoid broken layouts
  • Fixed a bug with uploading zip files of images into galleries
  • Fixed a bug where gallery tags were being deleted when a gallery was deleted too


  • NEW - Mobile versions of websites are now available
  • NEW - Ability to add multiple business locations in the settings which can display on the contact page
  • NEW - Redesign contact page to coincide with the Locations addition mentioned above
  • Improved the website menu interface by stopping page names being cut short in the drop down when creating a menu item
  • Fixed a bug where the print function was not working correctly in Blog and Event listings
  • Fixed a bug where password protected pages were not working correctly

Email Campaign Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the Spam Checker function when creating email campaigns was not working correctly

Shop Tool

  • Fixed a bug where Downloadable products were showing shipping fields on the front end
  • Fixed a bug where the Delivery Docket link in emails was not working
  • Fixed a bug where variant images are not changing when product options are changed