Hermanos (4.4.13)

16 October 2013

Membership Manager - Expired members unable to be deleted
System Automation - Fix bug with trigger fields not saving correctly
Surveys - Fix bug with logos saving in banner-images
Company - Fixes to company name change regarding events
Events - stop users being able to delete standard fields in events
Blog - Fix bug with Comment Approval not working
Form Builder - Fix bug with contacts not being synched to the contact database
Surveys - Fix bug with skip logic not being applied to radio buttons
CRM - Fix bug with not being able to view or add contacts
Articles - Fix bug with punctuation in the title
Fixed Website Pages and the Mobile tab not saving correctly
Contact Groups - Remove group colour selection
Old Shop - Discount not applying to more than one item
Content Pages - Fix bug with advanced options not showing
Articles - Fix bug with old Articles not showing date
Content Pages - Fix bug with Mobile Tab redirection
Blog - Fix bug with tag templates
Content Pages - Bug with advanced options
Payment Gateways - Fix bug with payment gateway names not working
Form Builder - Submission email not showing attached file names.
Catalog - Add Home link to catalog breadcrumb
System-Wide - Add Facebook open graph meta tags to tools
Member Directory - Add company name to member directory
Contact Details Page - Format Address
Website-General - Add server-side validation for domains
Catalog - Default template changes
Gallery - Add column for file size
Product Templates - Add Member Directory to the DB Templates
Client Notes - Added feature for Sellers to access "client notes"