Nemo (4.4.1)

9 April 2013

Ad Manager Tool 

  • Fixed bug with the admanager stats being wrong when filtering on a period greater than 6 weeks

Email Campaign Tool

  • Fixed bug with not being able to filter with a checkbox custom field

Events Tool

  • Fixed bug with being unable to complete an event registration in Firefox when using offline payment method

Form Builder Tool

  • Added functionality to allow form copying
  • Fixed bug with not being able to apply rules to file upload elements


  • NEW - Beta release of Mobile websites. Product templates still yet to be released
  • Improved the Client Assets by adding a back to Client Details button
  • Improved the exports process by adding a dialog that allows you to choose whether you receive an email or a notification when the export is over 500 entries
  • Improved the payment gateways by adding a field that allows them to be named differently
  • Fixed bug with uploading zip files to the Client Assets
  • Fixed bug with the website dashboard not displaying in IE
  • Fixed bug with menus changing when changing pages in a product
  • Fixed bug with passwords with a & character not working

Image and File Manager Tool

  • Improved the tool by adding notifications of when an image is in the process of deleting and when it has been deleted

Shop Tool

  • Fixed bug with the product category search not displaying all search results

Survey Tool

  • Fixed bug with not being able to see questions in multi-answer element options