Sprague (4.3.8a)

31 October 2012


  • NEW - Can now create a folder structure for document URL's
  • NEW - Standard website search now has the ability to include Google Search results
  • Fixed a bug where content/HTML editors added additional non-breaking spaces
  • Fixed a bug where the Sitemap was not working with the new menu system
  • Fixed a bug where Twitter feeds were not working
  • Fixed a bug where the Accounts menu item was displayed in a clients Toolbox if they only had one account

Database Marketing Tool

  • Fixed a bug where after adding contacts they would not always display in the contact list
  • Fixed a bug where the Set Column Popup was displaying incorrectly

Animated Header Tool

  • NEW - Added the ability to have multiple animated headers on a single page
  • NEW - Added an option to have directional arrows displayed on the animated header

Testimonial Tool

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't add testimonials in IE

Shop Tool

  • Fixed a bug where Related Shop products on the front end did not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug where Extra order information was not saving on the front end when clicking back in the browser

Form Builder Tool

  • NEW - Added more linking options for links in the Confirmation Message section
  • Fixed a bug where the Price question was displaying currencies incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where conversion code was being removed from confirmation pages

Real Estate Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the property inspection information times no longer had drop downs

CRM Tool

  • Fixed a bug where added client details were not auto-populating

Promo Box Tool

  • Fixed a bug where embed code for Youtube videos were being stripped from promo boxes
  • Fixed a big where the correct promo boxes were not being displayed in Shop categories

Web Console

  • Fixed a bug where the State dropdown in Seller backend was not working

Catalog Tool

  • Fixed a bug where social media links were being displayed twice on the item view page

Image and File Manager Tool

  • Fixed a bug where images with file names consisting of spaces and special characters would not upload
  • Fixed a bug where you could not cancel uploaded files

Photo Gallery Tool

  • Fixed a bug where incorrect tags were being displayed

Classifieds Tool

  • Fixed a bug where classified clickthroughs were being reset when saving listing info
  • Improved the error message if trying to upload files larger than 1.8MB

Blog Tool

  • NEW - Added a new Set Columns option for tags


  • NEW - Page title when viewing articles will now be the name of the article

File Manager Tool

  • Fixed a bug where videos were not streaming in some browsers

Events Tool

  • NEW - Links on events headings in feeds now stay linked after the event is no longer taking online registration