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12 February 2013

 Bug Fixes

  • Tree Menu - Persistant
  • Gallery zip file not extracting properly
  • Image and File Manager Little Fixes
  • Old Gallery not showing promo spots on the front end
  • Membership Manager - Fix bug with approving pending memberships
  • Catalogue Category sort order changes after editing a category.
  • catalogue viewing offline items
  • Adding Catalogue Category not saving within an item
  • Web Console - Issue with sellers activity list
  • SEO Reports - Alt images broken in both form and SEO reports
  • Fix up links in Footer so that they work in all products
  • Catalogue Item Page Search
  • Events - Scheduled dates are not correct when setting an event to repeat
  • Menu - Fixes and Additions to new sitemap and menu


  • Membership Manager - Renewal generation changed.
  • Catalogue Copy Item functionality and a range of other improvements for custom fields and categories.
  • Reinclude functionality to show why Email Campaigns were bounced in Campaign Report
  • SEO Settings - Add a robots.txt content box
  • Upgraded the task list for sellers. 
  • Membership manager change membership renewal status
  • Membership Manager Default Renewal Length
  • Add ability to apply selected custom fields to sub cats
  • Blog - Small improvements to the Blog Settings page

New Feature

  • Catalog - Create a migration script to move clients from the old catalogue to the new one Task
  • Menu - Changes to the Sitemap checkbox in the new menu system
  • Menu - Add option when editing a menu item to include/exclude from sitemap
  • Sitemap - Only parent menu items are being shown