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9 January 2013

Article Tool

  • Fixed a bug where if a Author was not displayed on the front end then the Recent Articles did not display correctly

Catalogue Tool

  • Fixed a bug where category view images being cropped

DBM Tool

  • Improved the DBM Trial by limiting the maximum number of contacts to 500
  • Fixed a bug where the Print option in the contacts list was not working
  • Fixed a bug where the Image and File Manager would not open correctly in IE

Donation Tool

  • Fixed a bug where some donations were not filtering by account
  • Fixed a bug where the View and Delete buttons were not displaying correctly in IE
  • Fixed a bug where you could not delete a Donation Cause

Email Campaign Tool

  • Fixed a bug where email campaign reports were sometimes not being processed
  • Fixed a bug where the Campaign Recipient list on draft campaigns was not displaying correctly

Events Tool

  • Improved the Additional Event Information fields by adding a sorting feature which reflects the sorting on the front end
  • Fixed a bug where number of attendees was not being calculated correctly if the user purchased additional tickets
  • Fixed a bug where Event registration signup notifications were coming through in doubles

Form Builder

  • Improved the option where you can sync specific field types with DBM fields by filtering the options to compatible fields
  • Improved the DBM syncing option by allowing the user to save the First name and Last name when using the Name field
  • Fixed a bug where editing the Response Text caused the email address field to go blank

Gallery Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the 'Show related galleries' option on galleries was not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where an irrelevant link was being displayed when using the Lightview template
  • Fixed a bug where the list of galleries was not paging correctly


  • NEW - Client Assets area has been rebuilt
  • NEW - Seller Notes has been rebuilt
  • Improved the conversations area by adding Grouping and a filter option
  • Improved the layout of the Add Client popup when adding leads
  • Improved the Editor toolbar by adding an Embed Video button to make adding Youtube videos easier
  • Improved the top/side menu option in the menu system
  • Improved tasks by updating scheduled date so that if they fall on a Weekend then the date will be moved forward to Monday
  • Improved the Client Assets by allowing the user to download multiple files in a zip file
  • Improved the Stored Emails area by adding a delete option
  • Fixed a bug in the menu system where sub menus were being hidden behind main catalogue images
  • Fixed a bug where the accounts link was showing for clients who do not have multiple accounts
  • Fixed a bug where the Clients company or trading name were not showing on seller leads
  • Fixed a bug where the Website Accounts link wouldn't open in Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where editing a menu item caused it to lose its sort order
  • Fixed a bug where viewing the Stored Emails popup box in Firefox had no scroll bar
  • Fixed a bug where the Sellers Notes were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where uploading zip files not working in Client Assets

Image and File Manager Tool

  • Improved the layout by moving the Search box down amongst the filter settings
  • Fixed a bug where uploading files with special characters in the filename would break the image

Membership Manager Tool

  • Improved the directory by adding an option to exclude a member from the directory
  • Fixed a bug where expired members were still appearing in the Membership Directory

Podcast Tool

  • Improved the general styling of the podcsst players
  • Fixed a bug when a podcast was playing the progress bar would not move
  • Fixed a bug where each podcast on the listing page did not have its own player

Survey Tool

  • Improved the tool by adding an image option into the setting which allows you to have an image displayed at the top of the survey

Testimonials Tool

  • Fixed a bug where sorting was not working correctly in IE