Tarzian (

18 December 2012


  • Improved the Website Updated date format by bringing it inline with how Google reads the date
  • Improved the Client Listing page by adding an export functionality
  • Improved the Editor by including the folder name in page link select box
  • Improved Custom Quote emails by adding a delivery note
  • Improved the task listing view and item view to only show what is required for Sellers
  • Fixed a bug where addresses were not displaying correctly in footers if a field was left blank
  • Fixed a bug where Seller tasks were not disappearing after they have been completed
  • Fixed a bug where the Seller logo was blurry in the Toolbox
  • Fixed a bug where linking to new Galleries through the link editor was broken
  • Fixed a bug where DBM disk usage was being overwritten by the Web disk usage
  • Fixed a bug where Seller User Accounts support email was not saving

Articles Tool

  • Fixed a bug where Article entries weren't using their own Meta Description

Blog Tool

  • Fixed a bug where Blog entries weren't using their own Meta Description

Catalogue Tool

  • Improved the Sharing links on Item view page

Client Filing Manager Tool

  • Improved the tool by adding an expiry date option to files on the admin side

CRM Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the Time-select fields in dialogs were not working correctly in IE

DBM Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the Last Name field in new accounts was set as mandatory

Form Builder Tool

  • Improved the From Email option in settings by filtering out irrelevant fields as options
  • Improved the submission emails by tidying the format and layout
  • Fixed some general layout issues
  • Fixed a bug where the Editor popups were hidden behind the Settings popup

Gallery Tool

  • Improved the Cover Images option by selecting an image as default if the user does not select one
  • Fixed a bug where the sort order control of images was broken in IE

Image and File Manager Tool

  • NEW - Added a search feature
  • Improved the tool by allowing SWF filetypes to be uploaded
  • Fixed a bug where uploading zip files was not working

Knowledgebase Tool

  • Fixed a bug where saving of sort order in old knowledgebase questionnaires was not working correctly

Membership Manager Tool

  • Improved the Invoices by creating them only when they are need

Podcast Tool

  • Fixed a bug where if an image was not uploaded for a podcast then it displayed a broken image

Shop Tool

  • Improved the Delivery Dockets by adding any Product Variation fields for the products
  • Fixed a bug where Customer database address fields were not being populated when an order is made
  • Fixed a bug where the import with the new interface did not show all fields

Survey Tool

  • Improved the Page option by fixing the wording in the Edit popup
  • Improved the Survey Builder by adding a Static Text option