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12 October 2012

Membership Manager Tool

  • NEW - Invoices are now automatically sent out when a subscription is nearing the end of its period.
  • NEW - Ability to disable members.
  • Fixed a bug where if offline payment was the only payment method active, it would cause a loop.
  • Fixed a bug where the T&C's and Renewal Notice email weren't saving.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicates were sometimes being created when importing updated member info.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple loading animations were appearing when the state or country drop downs were loading.

Menu System

  • Fixed a bug for top side menus in the new menu system.
  • Added the ability to only show specific menu items to contacts who are logged in and in a specific contact group.

Web Console

  • NEW - Ability to move clients over to the new Web Console interface.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to close tickets with auto responders.
  • Fixed a bug where the file uploader wasn't working correctly in IE.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the help links threw an error.
  • Small layout changes to the accounts link list.
  • Small layout change in the Creative Briefs.

Survey Tool

  • NEW - seperate confirmation screen for users after they have saved a survey.
  • NEW - 'view' link to open a specific survey on the frontend.
  • Style changes to the breadcrumb.

URL Redirector Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the redirector was stripping out forward slashes.
  • Improved validation on the input fields.

Image and File Manager Tool

  • Fixed a bug where GIF images were not displaying correctly.
  • Improved the uploader so it no longer renames filenames.


  • Fixed the layout of the "Add Company" form.

Shop Tool

  • Fixed a bug where additional Shop images were not showing a watermark.

Catalogue Tool

  • Fixed a bug where editing within a catalogue item threw an error.

Donation Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the Donation Invoice was missing the description.

Database Marketing Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the email campaign list would disappear after clicking one of the campaign labels.
  • NEW - ability to apply custom templates to the login screens.
  • NEW - 'view' link to open a specific email campaign on the frontend.
  • Improved the tool to detect when a user tries to upload the same contact import file twice.
  • Improved the contact list to not show subscription groups by default.

Events Tool

  • NEW - 'view' link to open a specific event on the frontend.
  • Improved registration process by having emails sent out once the user has finished registering - not after payemnt.
  • Improved the code of the calendar to stop Google bots crawling the calendar.
  • Improved the loading speed of the events calendar.
  • Improved the layout of the Registration and Attendee areas.
  • Small layout changes.

Real Estate Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the state field was not displaying in a properties address details
  • Fixed a bug where the advanced search was blanked out.

Catalogue Tool

  • Improved the search functionality to allow searching ranges

Form Builder Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the heading of the last question in a form was being replicated.
  • NEW - ability to select a page template you would like to use with a form.
  • NEW - 'view' link to open a specific form on the frontend.

Articles Tool

  • NEW - 'view' link to open a specific articles on the frontend.
  • NEW - ability to hide the pagination links on the articles listing.

Ad Manager Tool

  • Improved the code of the ad's to stop Google bots crawling the ad's.
  • Fixed a bug where newly added spots were not appearing in the list of spots.

Testimonials Tool

  • NEW - additional radio button to allow users to add another testimonial when they have saved their current one.

Knowledgebase Tool

  • NEW - 'view' link to open a specific answer on the frontend.

File Manager Tool

  • NEW - Tick box added to tell the file not to download and just display in the browser.
  • Fixed a bug where files had to have tags applied before they will appear in the listing view.