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20 September 2012

Web Console

  • NEW - Interface update for the products toolbox
  • Fixed a bug where the Edit link for DBM was not showing for sellers
  • Fixed a bug where trial accounts weren't being created
  • Fixed a bug where completing tasks without entering required info would cause the task not to properly complete
  • Fixed a bug in the new interface menu with sub menus
  • Fixed a bug where the Set Live link for DBM accounts was not displaying
  • Fixed a bug where the Interface Help was not changing per page in the new interface
  • Fixed a bug where Sellers weren't receiving trial notification emails

Surveys Tool

  • NEW - Minor interface update in the Survey tool when Opening a completed survey from email
  • NEW - Added tooltips to Surveys
  • Fixed a bug where Surveys were not filtering by account
  • Improved the Survey interface where Breadcrumb aren't displayed if their is only one page in the survey

Shop Tool

  • NEW - Added the ability to restrict overseas customers to selected payment methods
  • Fixed a bug in the Shop tool where Customer Synchronisation details were not saving
  • Fixed a bug with watermarked images in default shop templates

Donations Tool

  • NEW - Minor style fix and interface changes in the Donations tool
  • Fixed a bug where the Donation Tool would present the user with a reciept before payment was made for offline payments

DBM Tool

  • NEW - Added the ability for admins to re-subscribe contacts
  • Fixed a bug in DBM in relation to a SPAM rule translation
  • Fixed a bug in the Contact Filter in DBM

Event Manager Tool

  • Fixed a bug in the Event Manager tool where adding an image into the Additional Information area was not working
  • Fixed a bug in the Event tool where repeated events booked for one day would book out all repeated occurances of the event
  • Fixed a bug with the 'From email' field in Event Registration Notifications
  • Fixed a bug with Repeat Exceptions dissapearing due to daylight savings time issues

Image and File Manager Tool

  • NEW - Added some minor improvements and fixes to the new Image and File Manager
  • Fixed a bug where after an image has been deleted the user is redirected to the wrong page

QR Code Tool

  • NEW - Added a size option for the QR Code tool
  • NEW - Added a 'type' column to the listing view
  • Fixed a bug where multiple QR Codes were being displayed
  • Fixed minor interface issue in the Listing View

Form Builder Tool

  • NEW - Updated the Special Fields icons for the Form Builder tool
  • Updated some styling and interface areas in the Form Builder
  • Fixed a bug when creating forms
  • Fixed a bug where the Form Builder was not displaying added questions correctly in the new interface
  • Fixed a bug where the Preview Form link was not displaying correctly when the website is not live

Blog Tool

  • Fixed a bug where Blog publish times were not being set correctly
  • Added some minor interface updates

Gallery Tool

  • NEW - Related galleries are now displayed with their names
  • Fixed a bug with Gallery styles

CRM Tool

  • Fixed a bug where the analytics page was not displaying
  • Updated the search to appear on the company listing view
  • Updated the search to appear in the contact listing view