Diehl (4.3.4)

23 March 2012
  • Updated membership manager searches to work embedded
  • Fixed bug with not being able to make a purchase when you have no shipping method set up
  • Changed the character count in the add/edit page to be a suggested limit, not a set limit
  • Fixed bug with 'deleted' surveys showing up in the front end
  • Fixed bug with shop shipping calculator showing disabled shipping methods in the calculations
  • Fixed bug with shop product report when the user tried to choose over 1 month's work of data
  • Changed the articles rss cron to have a more friendly SEO url
  • Fixed bug with not showing the correct amount on the waiting page for the event registration front end
  • Fixed the testimonials with not looking into the database to find whether the images are on overseas or local hosting
  • Fixed bug with competitions where if you have referers set, it will let you pass through the form without actually adding info in the fields
  • Fixed bug with offline payment method option backend not saving credit card types. Added the applicable fields to the addedit function.
  • Changed shopCron to include tracking number, price and links for delivery docket and invoice
  • Added the ability for the membership directory/manager to have a default layout
  • Fixed bug with default invoice styles
  • Fixed the spelling of management in the real estate management rights area
  • Fixed bug with real estate not showing the previously entered details when they submit information that comes back with an error
  • Added the ability to have classes and id's on divs in the catalogue variants
  • Added animated header functionality