Archimedes (4.3.1e)

15 December 2011
  • Upgraded the payment express payment gateway to meet new requirements
  •  Sequence functionality added to crm automation
  • Fixed bug with adding email addresses
  • Updated ckeditor image to use attribute instead of style for width & height
  • Fixed bug with not showing up custom templates in the catalogue when the catalogue has overseas hosting
  • Added flow-chart action to action-sequence definition
  • Added the ability to specify promo and ad spots on the blog pages
  • Added the ability to send tax to paypal offsite payment gateway
  • Change the stage definition adding/editing to use a tabbed view of the stage & it's triggers
  • Fixed bug with adding a product into the shopping cart that has variants set for it, but has the 'has variants' option set to no
  • Added the pubdate field to the rss feed for the blog rss
  • Added real estate view fields to the real estate product
  • Changed the ckeditor to use hspace, vspace tag attributes instead of their correlating styles
  • Fixed bug with ssl sites showing up non-secure images/flash files on the website
  • Fixed bug with deleting classifieds items