Machiavelli (4.2.8d)

30 September 2011
  • Fixed bug with getting out the shipping method name for the version 2 shipping settings
  • Integrating TNT International shipping API
  • Fixed bug with shop previous orders page being broken in the shop account area
  • Fixed bug with classifieds approving user account creations
  • Added the product code to the shop item view template
  • Added the ability to import for multiple price lists for shopping cart items
  • Fixed bug with shop order extra info file fields that are set to mandatory not working
  • Fixed bug with saving surveys to come back to them later
  • Fixed bug with not being able to set 0 as a field option in the survey answers
  • Added a leased option to the domain uploader for rental properties that are leased
  • Changed the domain uploader for real estates properties to take the total car spaces field instead of the garages field
  • Updated the web dashboard
  • Added the ability to hide the price for properties in the domain uploader
  • Allow accounts to have a yubi-key security enabled so that users must enter their yubi-keys at login
  • Releasing new version of Tips and Quotes manager
  • Releasing new version of the Podcasts product
  • Releasing new version of the FAQ product
  • Releasing new version of the Manage pages area and revision history