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Menu Structure

Within any Bloomtools website, there are 3 main menus, they include:

  • Primary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Tertiary Navigation (Footer)

Primary Navigation

There are predominantely three menu types available, they include:


  • The order of items in the menu must always start with the 'Home' link, and end with the 'Contact Us' link.
  • Menu items Cannot be different colours.
  • Mouse over transitions should only be either text colour and/or button background colour changes.
  • Fonts used must be standard HTML fonts.
  • "Bullet"-style menu items are only possible when submenu symbols (arrows) aren't wanted as you can only have one or the other.


  • A menu can have unlimited submenus, but we typically don't recommend that a website go beyond 1 level of submenu.
  • Submenus and sub-submenus all need to look the same
  • Submenus can be a set width or variable. Variable width will reduce or extend to the width of the longest menu item in that menu.
  • All submenus will be the same colour and have the same colour transitions.

Top Menu

  • The menu must not become wider then the website or the design will distort.

 Secondary Navigation

The secondary navigation is typically located in the top left of any design and is made up of the following components:

  • Home
  • Tell a Friend
  • Print this page
  • Bookmark this site / Add to Favourites
  • Contact Us

These links can be made up by using either text or icons (alt text must be used for images).

Tertiary Navigation / Footer

The tertiary navigation is always located at the bottom of the page, typically centered. It is automaitcally generated by the software, and it includes the following standard links (the client can also add their own links)

  • Home
  • Contact Us
  • Print this page
  • RSS
  • Top of page

It also includes the following information which it takes from the database:

  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Copyright Information
  • Last Updated Date
  • Link to W3C HTML 4.0 and CSS validator
  • Link to Bloomtools or Reseller
Last Modified: 31 May 2022
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