How to Edit your Mobile Website Content (Old Editor)

Once you have the Custom Mobile Content enabled you will be able to add content which is specific to your Mobile Website. This is important if you have content on some of your regular content pages which is quite wide (for example, wide images, tables etc). So this means you will be able to create a mobile friendly alternative.

To Edit your Mobile Content

  1. Click on Manage Pages and click on the Content Pages sub menu. You will see the Content Pages screen below:
  2. Click Edit on the content page you wish to edit the Mobile content on
  3. The Editor screen will be displayed. Click the Mobile Content tab at the top. You will see the Mobile Content screen below:
  4. Enter your Mobile Website specific content into the Page Content editor window
  5. Click the Save button

When users browse to this page on a mobile device they will now see the mobile specific content you have added. For more information on how to enable your Mobile Website, follow the help article How to Enable your Mobile Website. For information on how to manage your mobile specific menu, follow the help article How to Edit your Mobile Website Menu.


Last Modified: 14 September 2022
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