How To Edit Page Titles, Names and Meta Descriptions

How To Edit Page Names, Titles and Meta Descriptions

  • Login To TheWebConsole
  • Go to Website (Top Menu)
  • On the left-hand side menu click Manage Pages then Content Pages
  • Select the page you want to edit by either selecting the page and clicking edit or simply clicking the hyperlinked edit button.

Once your page is open, go to the settings tab at the top left (between Content and Theme). You can now edit the page Name, Title and Meta Description (explained below).

Page Names:

Your page's name must be relevant to its content and usually becomes the URL (or link) to this particular page. If you name your page "How To Convert Leads" for example, the direct link to that page will become

Page Titles:

In the example above you can see the first result is an article on  "21 of the best Facebook pages we've ever seen". This text (for the link you would click to go through to this page) is the Page Title of your website. This Title then appears in the browser tab when visitors are on this page. It's a key factor in Google's SEO algorithm which, along with the fact that it influences visitors to click through to your website lets you see how important this title is.

Page titles should be formatted as:

Primary keyword phrase | secondary keyword phrase | website name IE:

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Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are what you see when your page is returned in a search result. Again using the image above as a reference, the text in grey at the bottom of each page result is the Meta Description for that page. As well as being somewhere you can reinforce your keywords and phrases, this is the text that encourages visitors to click through to your website so it's important it's concise and enforces to possible clients how you can help them.


Last Modified: 26 September 2022
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